Executive Advisory Board
  1. Donation of 250 dollars or more (per year) by a single individual.
  2. Must understand and agree with the mission of COOL.



  1. Free Pennsylvania Leadership Conference Ticket Every year
  2. Exclusive meet and greet opportunities yearly with a public official
  3. Ability to directly advise the Executive Director on organizational strategy and fundraising ideas.




The Executive Advisory Board (EAB) is a way for COOL to thank its donors and provide for discussion and interaction with the executive director of the organization as well as be regularly informed of Organizational progress. The EAB is only available to donors who have contributed 250 dollars or more (in a single donation) and thereby shown a significant interest in the direction of this organization.

Being involved with the EAB will not only grant you direct access to the Executive Director, but will also grant you an exclusive invitation to yearly meet and greet conferences with an elected official. EAB members are also automatically granted a free ticket to the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference!

The EAB gives the members the ability to explain and encourage changes or improvements that they believe would enhance COOL’s mission.


For Questions or to become an EAB member, contact David S. Petolicchio at




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