Still Some Seating Available At The COOL Tables!

In 2010, COOL had one of the largest contigencies to attend the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference.  For 2011, COOL would like to have the largest presence at this annual gathering of conservative activists and thinkers.

Why not consider joining us on April 8 & 9 in Harrisburg?  COOL will be bundling registrations and checks to provide to the PLC so we can secure a sufficient number of tables for those who will be attending with us.

To register for the “COOL PLC 2011”, simply complete the registration form and send it with payment to us; we will then provide a final total to the PLC.  And we will look forward to seeing you in April!

If you have already registered directly with the PLC but want to be a part of the COOL contingent, go ahead and completed the COOL registration form and simply check the box that you have registered directly with the PLC.  Arrangements have been made with the PLC to secure sufficient tables for anyone who is associated with COOL.

2011 Pennsylvania Leadership Conference


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