…is the critical service that COOL provides to participants in order to develop a more well rounded understanding of the documents critical to the founding of this nation.  Currently, COOL offers a variety of different fee-based courses and is constantly seeking out new material for presentation.

Institute On The Constitution

The Institute On The Constitution (IOTC) was developed by a constitutional attorney and features constitutional expert John Eidsmoe, and reintroduces attendees to the religious, philosophical and legal concepts that inspired the creation of the United States Constitution.  Utilizing a combination video/open discussion format, participants will learn about those fundamental principles that inspired our Founding Fathers.
The IOTC consists of twelve 30-minute lectures and can be presented in a variety of formats, including an eight week presentation (2 hour sessions ideal for weekday evenings), a six weeks presentation (4 hour sessions best suited for a weekend afternoon), and a new weekend presentation called the “IOTC Blitz” (dedicated Friday night and Saturday).
The coursework begins with a retracing of the discovery and settlement of America, and follows with a concentrated study of those concepts and principles of religion and law that directly influenced Washington, Franklin, and Madison and their efforts to forge the thirteen independent states into one united country.
The coursework then shifts into a detailed, Article-by-Article review of the Constitution, including all of the Amendments, and concludes with a review of the political theories that have negatively impacted this country and the strategies that can be used to promote greater understanding of our nation’s Supreme Law of the Land:
  • Lecture 1 – A Biblical View of History, Law & Government
  • Lecture 2 – The Discovery, Settlement & Evangelism of America
  • Lecture 3 – The Religious Beliefs of the Founding Fathers
  • Lecture 4 – The Philosophical Worldview of the Founding Fathers
  • Lecture 5 – From Independence to the Constitution
  • Lecture 6 – The Preamble & Article I
  • Lecture 7 – Articles II & III
  • Lecture 8 – Articles IV, V, VI & VII
  • Lecture 9 – Bill of Rights: Amendment I
  • Lecture 10 – Amendment II thru Amendment XXVII
  • Lecture 11 – Crisis of the Constitution
  • Lecture 12 – Reclaiming the Constitution
With a strong emphasis on the influence of the Judeo-Christian tradition on our Founding Fathers, the IOTC is ideal for churches and youth groups.

Liberty Breakfast

The Liberty Breakfast is a new presentation format that allows participants to enjoy a casual meal with other like-minded individuals, and then engage in an interactive review and discussion of a specific topic related to the Constitution, the Founding Fathers or relevant historic documents.
The Liberty Breakfast is held on a rotating basis across Pennsylvania, and topics and instructors may vary from location to location.  Participants are responsible for the cost of their meal.  (Duration: 2-3 HR)

A More Perfect Union

…was developed by the National Center for Constitutional Studies and is based upon a nationally broadcast motion picture made to commemorate the Bicentennial of the Constitution.
Perfect Union is a stand alone course that chronicles the Founder’s struggle to draft a constitution that would firmly unite thirteen disparate states into one republic, and captures the debates, emotions and issues that confronted those men who gathered in Philadelphia to hammer out a new framework of government in 1787.
Perfect Union serves as both an excellent introductory course to constitutional classes as well as a general refresher for those who have already participated in other constitution-oriented education courses. (Duration: 3 HR)

The Birth Of Freedom

…was developed by the Acton Institute and outlines the unique principle of individual freedom, it’s roots and how it has become a pillar of our United States of America, and how our Founding Fathers were hoping that the concept would spread.
Why would anyone believe that all men were created equal and that all should be free? Why would any nation consider this a self-evident truth? For millions around the world who have never tasted liberty, and for those of us who have but have forgotten, the question cries for an answer. How was freedom born?  (Duration: 3 HR)

Liberty Forum

…is a new program to help Americans develop a greater understanding of the principles and ideals upon which this republic is built.
The Liberty Forum is a single day, multi-media style event similar to the “Institute On The Constitution” (IOTC) but with a few curves thrown in for fun.  Utilizing components of other courses offered by COOL (including “The Birth Of Freedom” and “A More Perfect Union”), the Liberty Forum will reintroduce participants to the nature of human freedom, the nature of the Second Amendment, and the events and circumstances surrounding the Constitutional Convention of 1787.  (Duration: All Day)