Executive Director Report July 2019
Executive Director Report July 2019
July has been a somewhat slower month as a great deal of our work has been focused on editing and preparing our newly recorded lecture series for publication. That said, our videos are at the final stage of editing and will hopefully be available in the following week or two! We are very excited about moving forward as an organization and being able to provide more precise and up-to-date information. We will release four or five of our lectures for free (free lectures will be chosen by our head instructor) that will be published on YouTube and Facebook. Once this is accomplished, we will be turning our attention to enhancing/overhauling our existing website and creating a new and more intuitive version where we will increase our article publications.
We have been steadily receiving donations which has been a massive blessing, however, as we begin to see growth, we are recognizing the ever present need for greater funding. We are continually seeking donors to partner with and are hoping our members will continue their loyal support. We have financial goals this year which, if reached, would propel our organization into greater relevancy. As strategies for the progression of this organization become established, we will be excited to share them with you!
As I mentioned above, we are planning on increasing our article publications, so if you are interested in writing an article, we are currently accepting submissions! We are hoping to publish two or three articles a week. All articles submitted must be 750-1000 words and must be high quality. Only members may submit articles for consideration, with the occasional exception of a public figure. For all submissions, send the article text in an email to dspetolicchio@gmail.com!
We have appreciated all of the support from our members and the continued donations. Remember to refer friends and family that are looking for presentations or courses!
David S. Petolicchio
Executive Director


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