Invitation To Matching Donors! Donate Today!


Invitation to matching donors!
Recently COOL was given a $2,000 and we are hoping to use this momentum to promote a matching donation program! As COOL progresses forward with great speed, we require the necessary funds to make sure that it is sustainable. With this in mind we are inviting all of our members and our broader audience alike to consider matching this sum! With your gift, you will receive a thank you letter written by our executive director and a custom COOL mug!
We know all of you reading this value education and hope to see future generations trained on quality factual information. We can only achieve this great mission with the continued donations from our generous supporters!
So, with this information in mind, we ask that you consider taking on this challenge and donating a matching sum today!
For any questions or more details on how your donation will be used, please feel free to contact our executive director David S. Petolicchio at!

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