Executive Director Update (March 2019)

Executive Director Update (March 2019)

David S. Petolicchio

Executive Director

When I was a kid, I despised politics. I hated the notion of stuffed shirt politicians and fake speeches. I disliked how fake and manipulative government campaigns and political candidates behaved, in an effort to gain power, fame, and money. My family worked in the political world in an effort to improve their community and to encourage transparency and accountability. In that time we experienced lies, corruption, and the stagnation of government establishment rule.

I work with the Constitutional Organization Of Liberty not because I want to run for office or because I’ve suddenly decided that politics wasn’t manipulative or corrupt. I work with this organization because I recognize the desperate need for our society to be taught the fundamental rights that each American inherently possesses. Our society is on a fast-track to intellectual bankruptcy and an educational collapse. We desperately need simple and easily accessible educational content that all age ranges can understand. We continue to lose liberties with every generation so it is increasingly imperative that we make a positive difference in our current educational landscape. COOL is dedicated to constantly making efforts to improve our course content and its means of presentation.

We are planning on building off of our traditional approach of primarily being a face-to-face educational non-profit and diversifying our programs. We are preparing to launch a complete website overhaul, re-film our primary course, and develop a significant online informational presence. This will in no way change our face-to-face course availability or our dedication with that means of communication.

This year, COOL is planning on creating a brand new online program so people who can’t attend a face-to-face course will still be able to access quality educational content. We have also branched out onto social media with accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  We will be posting events and upcoming courses on our Facebook page so be sure to check it out as well for regular updates.

I have been preparing a review of course materials and am working on re-shooting our entire course with a physical class present to participate. This entire event will take place over the course of weekend and will be uploaded online as our new ‘Basic Program’ as an enhancement of the IOTC course. (This project will be overseen by the Head Instructor)

Please, if you have an questions or inquires, feel free to contact me at:
Email: dspetolicchio@gmail.com
– David S Petolicchio

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