Executive Director Report May 2019

Executive Director Report May 2019


This month has been a roller coaster ride for me as well as our organization. We worked hard on developing a brand new course to replace our existing primary course. The name of this course has been revisited multiple times but we’ve finally concluded with the American Heritage Academy (AHA). This course will be an in-depth overview of the Constitution as well as the foundation leading to its formulation. We offered this brand new course, in full, at an event in South Annville Township and had it professionally recorded for future educational purposes, as well as to provide select online lectures for free! This is the beginning of a bright new chapter for COOL as we move towards an online series of free lectures and a customized course for our physical classes!
We have decided to begin producing a great volume of custom made content for our members and for the public at large as well! This new direction will reinvigorate membership and promote a wider dissemination of constitutional education. We are in the process of training multiple new instructors and will be debuting our mobile instructor positions shortly. Suffice it to say, COOL has been reinvigorated and is read for some significant progress!
We are still searching for high quality donors to help partner with us on this great mission and we have faith that we will be successful in raising the needed funds to continue at this pace! In order to achieve the goal of improving our fundraising capability, as well as receiving invaluable advice for our overall direction, I have concluded to form an Executive Advisory Board. This independent board will be under the direct supervision of the executive director and will be exclusively for executive level donors that have invested greatly into our organization. The goal of this board will be to provide a direct line of communication to myself regarding the future of our organization as well as investigation and deliberation for fundraising ideas. This group will provide very valuable as it will become an integral part of my personal fundraising mission and will help me connect with members who believe strongly in our mission and want to see COOL progress to new levels of success!

*details regarding the Executive Advisory Board will be released in a separate announcement*

Thank you to everyone who has worked hard at moving this organization forward!


David S. Petolicchio

Executive Director




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