Executive Director Report June 2019

Executive Director Report June 2019

This month has been extremely busy, between my personal relocation, and the management of our relaunch footage, I have been very focused on progress. On the topic of our relaunch, I am excited to announce that all the footage from our recorded event has been sent to me and I am working on the finishing touches. With luck, we will have our completed recorded course uploaded to our YouTube channel! Following the successful completion of the American Heritage Academy launch, several members were able to complete their basic requirements for potential Board Participation and some of them also expressed interest in becoming instructors. With this newfound enthusiasm, COOL has the potential to finally begin scheduling regular courses all over Pennsylvania.
Our Wine Social on June 27th was also a success in that COOL was able to raise some funding and network with some interested parties. We will likely pursue another wine social fundraising event in the near future!
It may not quite seem like it yet, but COOL is making some serious strides towards growing our member base and adding instructors to our ranks. Louis Petolicchio will be working in conjunction with myself in order to facilitate the readiness of these instructors and to effectively strategize for their scheduling. We are also actively working on the overhaul of our previous website and are moving to a new website that will have video capability and will allow for a much more professional appearance. We are compiling a list on potential contributors for articles as we speak.


David S. Petolicchio

Executive Director




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