Executive Director Report August 2019
The month of August has been quite an adventure for our organization as we started our matching donation campaign, published our podcast and YouTube channels, and have begun working on our new website! Our podcast currently consists of five lectures of our “American Heritage Academy” series and will soon include multiple other educational series. Our new media wing has launched our YouTube channel and uploaded the same five lectures to that platform.
          In addition to this progress, COOL was promised a $2,000 donation! We are using this commitment to launch our matching donation campaign. We are working to find donors who will donate a matching sum or greater to further harness this momentum! We are also running a similar campaign that is utilizing crowdfunding (encouraging people to donate small amounts that will hopefully add up to a matching $2,000).
          As COOL grows, funding becomes more and more imperative. Our website improvements and enhancements in addition to our continued media expansion costs money and, as we grow, our financial needs grow in relation. With this in mind, we rely on you, our loyal supporters, to keep this organization moving forward! As our society drifts further from historic truths, our need for COOL has become that much more essential. We need all the funding and assistance we can get from our members and supporters to keep moving forward!
          Our social media relevance has grown a great deal and, as evidence of this, our Facebook page alone reached well over 11,000 people in the month of August! We have been thankfully for these advancements and the ability to grow in relevance but we need your support now more than ever. If you haven’t already, make sure to join COOL and consider donating today!




David S. Petolicchio

David S. Petolicchio

Executive Director




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