Executive Director Report April 2019

This Year has been a year of significant changes and challenges for the Constitutional Organization Of liberty. Instead of being intimidated or stifled, we have been working tirelessly to advance our program and enhance our organization more than ever before! COOL has reached 1400 “likes” on Facebook, 817 followers on Twitter, and 131 followers on Instagram as of the writing of this report. COOL has seen a massive increase in social media attention due to a variety of outreach strategies and a significantly more active and eye catching series of founding father quotes. COOL is now working towards a complete enhancement and overhaul of its website and course presentations. In the coming weeks, COOL will begin recording and editing quality content to aid citizens in their quest to become informed and active in their communities and their country.

As Executive Director, I am working to coordinate these improvement and am actively promoting our organization by working on partnerships with the community and local businesses to create presentations and fundraising events that will create an informative and inspiring environment. I had the pleasure of attending this year’s Pennsylvania Leadership Conference and had the opportunity to attend our workshop on the Bill of Rights. I also had the privilege of meeting a wide range of attendees at our table during the weekend and got to discuss a wide range of topics and inform people of our organizational changes and improvements. I further recognized the need for an educational non-profit such as ours and I am both honored and humbled to be a part of this project.

In 2019, COOL is actively working towards raising substantial funds in order to create an enhanced and in-depth variety of courses and course materials that we can disseminate with the greatest of effectiveness and clarity. No longer should Americans be intimidated by the verbose and smooth talking politician, but rather empowered by the knowledge of their rights and responsibilities as Americans. Join with COOL, and let’s take back our education system and make liberty a commonplace mindset once again!



David S. Petolicchio

Executive Director

Executive Director Organizational Updates/Goals April 2019
Social Media Goals 2019
COOL has reach 1400 “likes” on Facebook, 817 followers on Twitter, and 131 followers on Instagram as of the writing of this report. The social media goals for May of 2019 are as follows: reach 2000 followers on Facebook, Reach 1000 followers on twitter, and reach 150 followers on Instagram. In addition, COOL will be building the foundations for our YouTube channel to debut its first recorded lectures which are projected to be recorded, edited, and published by the end of June.
Financial Goals 2019
This year’s goal is to raise, at a minimum, $25,000 for operational costs and sweeping organizational enhancements. This is a minimum goal for 2019 because it would be ideal for COOL to raise the necessary funding to hire additional contractors to improve the experience assistance of students who are taking our courses. These funds would also improve our operational speed and would help to insure quality content is made widely accessible in both physical courses, as well as online. COOL wants to be an active and flexible organization with broad capabilities to send out instructors to physical locations for our courses as well as provide generous quantities of uploaded online content for those who prefer to study from home. With this in mind, it is imperative that the membership of COOL, as well as the Board of Directors, becomes an engaging and inspiring community in its own right. Donate, get the word out, and let your honest and sincere passion for our mission be what attracts people to COOL!
Peripheral Priorities and Responsibilities
COOL is looking to expand its membership and is also excited for the Board of Director elections which will be coming up later this year!
Make sure to invite friends and family to attend one of our courses or presentations and encourage them to join us in building a stronger and more passionate membership body!
COOL is exploring prospects of creating exciting events in the coming months so stay tuned for updates on our website or our Facebook page!
Board of Directors
Chairman: Greg Keiper
Treasurer: Louis R. Petolicchio
Secretary: Clint LeRoy
Immediate Past Chairman:
Mark Thomas
Board Members:
Monica Carpenter
Board Member Emeritus:
Honorable Mike Folmer
  • Executive Director: David S. Petolicchio
*Non-Profit Status*
COOL operates as a 501c3 Non-profit entity. This means we are limited on how we raise funds and we are restricted from ANY endorsements of political candidates or parties. COOL has no party affiliation, our only loyalty is to the Constitution of the United States and the truths surrounding it. We are open to teaching and presenting for all political parties and organizations. We are exclusively going to educate off of the constitution and the context around which it was written. We do NOT campaign or endorse any party or candidate.

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