“Don’t let the Constitution get in the way.”

In recent days, certain individuals within “conservative circles” have begun express a willingness  to bypass the rule-of-law in order to pass legislation which satisfies individual passions.

Disturbingly, many of these “conservatives,”” when challenged on the legitimacy of their proposed legislation, oft times respond by saying “Don’t let the Constitution get in the way.”  How many of our Founding Fathers would be appalled to hear such dismissive language expressed by those elected to represent the people and who have sworn to defend the Constitution?

Our Founding Fathers established the Constitution to both limit the excesses of government and to ensure the rights of the people.  When the politicians ignore that law meant to protect the people then have they not violated their sworn duty?  And when they have violated their sworn duty, have they not disqualified themselves from public service?

The Constitutional Organization Of Liberty (COOL) has been asserting for years that a return to Constitutional principles and ideals is necessary to ensure that the rights of the people are preserved.  But when legislators bypass the Constitution to satisfy their own political agendas, the liberties of every American are threatened.


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