This past March 23 and 24, the Constitutional Organization Of Liberty (COOL) was again a Patriot Sponsor of the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference (PLC), the annual gathering of conservatives from across the Commonwealth in the Harrisburg area. As always, it was an excellent opportunity for participants to network with other like-minded individuals, attend a variety of informative presentations, and hear outstanding conservative leaders – including Keynote Speaker pollster Frank Luntz as well as Presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.

We can only express our heartfelt thanks for the support COOL received this year as State Senator Mike Folmer and Instructor Louis Petolicchio were again invited to host one of the opening workshops – this year on “The Bill of Rights.”  We had been advised shortly before the presentation that the PLC had received confirmation of about 20 participants, but a final count at the end of the morning found that more than 100 people had sat in on the workshop – one of the largest ever held at the PLC!

In addition, just like last year, COOL had the largest contingent present, with five reserved tables. And, if it may be said, COOL had the finest display table in the entire showroom with books, t-shirts, and various other items available for purchase.  And we were honored to have been publicly recognized by Mr. Luntz for the gift basket which was provided to him.

The 2013 Pennsylvania Leadership Conference has already been scheduled for April 19 and 20, so make plans now to join COOL for what will be yet another exciting event.


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