Myerstown, PA – The Constitutional Organization Of Lebanon (COOL), a conservative, non-partisan political action committee registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State, has announced that two new officers have been selected to serve on the board of directors for 2008.

Herb Braden, who lives in Lebanon and has served in various public service capacities, was elected to serve as COOL’s Vice Chairman, and Margaret Firoozmand, of Cleona, was chosen as Secretary.

“Herb and Margaret are an excellent fit for COOL,” said Louis Petolicchio, Chairman.  “They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience which will really complement the goals COOL has set for this year.”

Braden and Firoozmands join Petolicchio, Treasurer Roland Carpenter and Immediate Past Chairman State Senator Mike Folmer in directing the course of COOL in the next year.

“It is the primary objective of COOL to bring a higher level of awareness to the general population regarding the duties and rights of citizens as enumerated in our founding documents,” Braden said.  “COOL will notify the public of departures from the rules of the Constitution by members of the Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches of government, and will encourage and brief potential candidates for public office on their obligations as enumerated in the Constitution.”

Braden pointed to State Representative Angel Cruz (D-Philadelphia) as an example of how constitutional education is needed even among Pennsylvania’s elected officials.

“During the 2006 election cycle, Representative Cruz, when accused of violating sections of the Pennsylvania Constitution in his vote for the illegal pay raise, admitted that he had never read the Constitution,” he noted.  “But during his swearing-in ceremony to the General Assembly, Cruz had sworn to obey and to protect the Constitution.”

“The ignorance of Representative Cruz is not unique in that the Constitution and other historic documents have become de-emphasized in high school and college history curricula,” Braden said.  “And as a consequence, the courts are escaping criticism when they ignore and fail to enforce the Constitution.”

Firoozmand said that she was honored by the opportunity to work with COOL because of the educational efforts that COOL is promoting.

“I’m looking forward to working with other like-minded citizens who are concerned about our Constitution and about our history and teaching people about the real meaning of our Founding Fathers and their vision for our country,” she said.

COOL’s Immediate Past Chairman, Pennsylvania State Senator Mike Folmer, said that he thinks that COOL’s educational platform, the Institute On The Constitution (IOTC) is an excellent basis on which to build any knowledge of American history.

“It is my conviction that those principles and ideal which led to the drafting and ratification of the Constitution are necessary to ensuring that we remain a free people,” Folmer said.

Membership in COOL is open to everyone regardless of political affiliation for an annual fee of $15 per person or $25 per household, which includes complimentary participation in the Institute on the Constitution.  COOL can be contacted at 717-228-7524.

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