(Lebanon, PA) – The Constitutional Organization Of Liberty (COOL), a conservative, non-partisan educational organization, has announced it will be hosting a “Liberty Breakfast” in Myerstown on Saturday, May 11, the topic of discussion being the Second Amendment.

Mark Thomas of Cornwall, Chairman of COOL, said that interest in matters related to firearms – from ammunition shortages to record background check reports – has been significant, and how the Founding Fathers viewed the matter.

“I expect that this breakfast will be incredibly lively,” Thomas said.  “There are a number of concerned people who feel the Second Amendment is a critical lynchpin to the Bill of Rights and if that amendment is purged, then the rest of the Bill of Rights will come under attack.”

“Between the number of resolutions that have been passed by various states rejecting any federal proposal to restrict firearms at a national level, and the deep conviction that many have about the right to own a firearm, the relevance of the Second Amendment in this generation needs to be emphasized,” he said.


Jeff Griffith, who currently serves on the board of COOL, said that any discussion of the right to bear arms must necessarily involve the Second Amendment.


“The Bill of Rights does not grant rights to the American people,” he said.  “It simply reaffirms what our Founding Fathers believed were fundamental rights of individuals living in a free society, and was one of the key debate points around the Constitution by people like Patrick Henry and George Mason.”


COOL was recently granted tax-exempt status by the IRS and does not endorse candidates for public office or support any political party, and anyone interested in matters related to the Constitution is welcome to attend.  It has also been confirmed that candidates for Lebanon County District Attorney and Lebanon County Sheriff will be attendance at the breakfast.


COOL has arranged for the morning function at the Dutch-Way Market Restaurant, beginning at 7:30 AM.  Breakfast will be served first and then followed by the presentation and discussion.  The cost is $10 per person, inclusive of breakfast, tax and gratuity.

Attendance confirmation is requested to ensure sufficient seating in the meeting room, and may be made by contacting COOL at 717-228-7524, or by e-mail at reclaimliberty@verizon.net.


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