Constitutional Group Elects New Officers;   Folmer Re-elected To Board

(Lebanon, PA) – Pennsylvania’s leading education-oriented political action committee, the Constitutional Organization Of Liberty (COOL), has announced that new officers were elected by the membership to serve a two-year term.

Mark Thomas of Cornwall Borough was unanimously selected to serve as Chairman, and Jeff Griffith of Lebanon was elected Vice-Chairman, while Greg Keiper was chosen to serve as Treasurer and Sandy Miller as Secretary.

“I am really looking forward to working in this leadership role with COOL in the next couple of years,” Thomas said.  “We experienced significant growth in 2009, and with the increasing number of requests for classes from across the state, we expect to see continued growth and interest in the next year.”

“More and more people from all walks of life are concerned about the direction our country and state are taking in terms of the rule of law and the Constitution, and they want to learn more about the Founding Fathers and what they originally intended for this nation,” he said.

Griffith said that he looks forward to seeing COOL further its role in educating the freedom loving citizens of Pennsylvania.

“With the renewed energy for grassroots activism in our state, COOL provides the opportunity to know the Founding Fathers thoughts and beliefs as they crafted our government,” he said.  I expect the upcoming elections in 2010 will be shaped around the original intent of the Founders, not by the revisionists of the last 80 years.”

State Senator Mike Folmer, who served as the original chairman of COOL, was re-elected to serve on the Board of COOL, as was Herb Braden of Lebanon.  Julia Neumyer of Harrisburg and Robert Courtright of Manheim were also elected to serve on the Board.

“I’m looking forward to working with COOL in 2010,” Folmer said.  “I really feel that the next year will be critical to the American people in understanding where their Constitution came from and what it really means, versus what politicians tell us it means.”

“Our Constitution is a great document, and the freedoms we hold dear must be taught to our children,” he said. “If we don’t understand our rights and work to preserve them, then we are destined to lose them.”

Neumyer noted that John Adams argued that children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom.

“Men like Adams spoke the truth and I look forward to working with the Board of COOL in educating the people of Pennsylvania about the truth of the foundations of our liberty so that we will not be the generation that loses our liberty,” she said.

Courtright said he was honored to be involved with people committed to preserving liberty in Pennsylvania and “look forward to helping COOL in service to the citizens of this Commonwealth.”

Braden, recognized as COOL’s parliamentarian, noted that numerous course participants have been energized to take a more active role in community and civic roles.

“A little publicized accomplishment of COOL is its preparation of leaders for government and civic activities,” Braden said.  “Members who have completed coursework offered by COOL are active in the Tea Party movement, Citizens’ Caucus, 912 Groups, the Commonwealth Foundation and local and state elected office.”

Laurel Lynn Petolicchio of Jackson Township, who served as Chairman for 2009, was excited about the increasingly broad appeal of COOL throughout the state.

“Our membership has expanded into much of south-central Pennsylvania, and we have been receiving inquiries about hosting courses in the Pittsburgh, Erie, McKean County, and the five-county area of Philadelphia,” she said.  “Between our continued presence at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, the five motor-coach trip to Washington on September 12, and the nomination of our past Chairman for the annual Bill of Rights Award last year, COOL’s reputation as a leading advocate of historic and genuine constitutional principles is continuing to grow.”

COOL is a conservative, non-partisan political action committee registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and membership is open to everyone regardless of political affiliation for an annual fee of $15 per person or $25 per household, subject to approval by the Board.  COOL can be contacted at 717-228-7524 or at their website:

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