Constitutional Organization Of Liberty (C.O.O.L.) was founded in 2005 for the purpose of educating concerned citizens about the constitution and the founding principles behind it. Despite humble beginnings and little support, COOL has been able to greatly inform Americans of all ages and teaches free courses on the constitution. We also have the unique offer of training those that complete the course, for the ins and outs of running for office, regardless of the participant’s party affiliation. After taking our course, we have trained multiple candidates at the local level who now occupy positions in government!
Our simple goal is to reach more people with educational content and expand our program to online offerings. We also want to reinvigorate our current course work to make it more comprehensive and streamlined so the information can be disseminated with the greatest possible efficacy. Our organization seeks to teach and inspire Americans by using the various writings and quotes of the founding fathers themselves. We want to present an accurate presentation of constitutional history and make that information readily available so that individual Americans can form their own conclusions about what is right or wrong about our government. We encourage you to review over our course descriptions and then join us and together we can reclaim liberty!
“Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.”  – George Washington
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Board of Directors
Chairman: Greg Keiper
Treasurer: Louis Petolicchio
Secretary: Clint LeRoy
Immediate Past Chairman:                                                               
Mark Thomas
Board Members:
Monica Carpenter
Board Member Emeritus:
Honorable Mike Folmer

Executive Director:
David S. Petolicchio