(Lebanon, PA) – The Constitutional Organization Of Liberty (COOL), a conservative, non-partisan educational organization, has announced it will be hosting a “Liberty Breakfast” in Downingtown on Saturday, August 6.

Mark Thomas of Cornwall, Chairman of COOL, said that the five-year old organization has arranged for the morning function at the Old Country Buffet, beginning at 8:30 AM.

“We’re very excited about bringing our breakfast to Chester County,” Thomas said.  “We have hosted courses and functions throughout central Pennsylvania but this is the first one we have held in Chester County.”

Thomas said that the Liberty Breakfasts are new for 2011 as they found a number of individuals were interested in gaining additional knowledge about the Constitution but were not able to commit to long term coursework.

“After the successful classes we had last year, COOL’s Board went ahead and approved the use of the breakfast model in order to broaden our access and appeal to the different locations we think would be receptive to our courses and educational approach,” he said.

Carris Kocher, of the Bill of Rights Bicentennial Committee, which, along with Chester County ACTION, is hosting the breakfast, said she personally made arrangements for the breakfast in Downingtown and is looking for a strong turnout.

“This area has a large number of deeply convicted individuals when it comes to the Constitution and how the law should be applied,” Kocher said.  “I really felt the time had come to start combining COOL’s strong educational expertise with the conservative activists in the area.”

Kocher also noted that since 2011 is the 275th anniversary of Patrick Henry’s birth, the breakfast will include a musical tribute to Patrick Henry by Charlie Zahm of Philadelphia,

“Charlie is an outstanding musician with a wealth of musical talent and historical knowledge,” Kocher said. “He is popular at Maritime, Early American and Celtic festivals, and his rich voice is matched only by his masterful guitar playing.”

“Having this tribute to Patrick Henry at this event seemed fitting,” Kocher said, “as, without Patrick Henry, there would be no Bill of Rights and no First Amendment.”

State Senator Mike Folmer (R-48th), who serves as a Board member for COOL, attended the first Liberty Breakfast in Palmyra and said he was very pleased with the function.

“I enjoyed the fact that the breakfast allows participants to gain additional knowledge about the Constitution and our Founding documents without feeling pressured to stick to a long term schedule,” Folmer said.  “And for an elected official like myself it is a great time to just catch up with local constituents without having to worry about being the center of attention.”

“Anyone who attends these breakfasts comes out learning something,” he said.

The topic for the Liberty Breakfast scheduled for August 6 will be “The First Amendment” and will feature both a review of the Amendment as well as an open discussion of the critical aspects of it.

The meeting room at the Old Country Buffet has been reserved and breakfast will be served ala carte whereby participants will order and pay for their own meals.  After the meal, the forum will begin, and there is no charge to participate, although donations will be solicited.

Attendance confirmation is requested to ensure sufficient seating in the meeting room, and may be made by contacting Kocher via e-mail at kochercj@verizon.net.  Any other inquiries may be made directly to COOL at 717-228-7524, or by e-mail at reclaimliberty@verizon.net.


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